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"Zhao Dai pres."
"Zhao Dai pres." is the club's exclusive event series aimed at bringing in exceptional talents from around the globe. Menslies, with a keen focus on creating memorable experiences, consistently crafts unique graphics for each event. They avoid using repetitive design patterns, continuously pushing their design language into innovative directions.

Since the introduction of "Zhao Dai pres.," the poster motifs have experienced subtle adjustments nearly every year. In their latest approach, they adopted a playful and recurring typographic element that holds symbolic significance related to the featured headliner. Moreover, the design incorporates two color blocks – one consistently in black and the other showcasing alternating color schemes.

This dynamic and ever-evolving design strategy not only distinguishes each event in the series but also showcases Menslies' commitment to creativity and their ability to adapt their design language to suit the essence of each international talent invited to grace the stage. ()