● Various Works 

● EP Covers (2024)
cl. Allergy Season
collab w/ Physical Therapy

Allergy Season is a genre-free electronic music label run by Physical Therapy, they way it works for the last few years is have an artist do all the covers for one whole year, so that the label get consistent look but still evolve. We’re more than happy to be the collab artist of 2024.

● OOFB Posters (2023-NOW)
cl. Out of Fashioned Boys

For Beijing-based creative collective Out of Fashion Boys’ Zhao Dai events since 2023, we explored a new visual language to boost the specific vibe OOFB has.


● Future Airlines (2021)

TUBE SHOWROOM by DIA has become a creative platform for designers, media and buyers since 2015, this time, MENSLIES(Me and Yenk) had the chance to work with them during SS2022 Shanghai Fashion Week, delivering a smooth visual flight by the name of Future Airline.

#event #packaging

● Heisei Day & Night (2021)
A Collaboration with STUDIO YUAN
cl. Junjo & Wanen Coffee

The second collaboration by AUF DICH, the day/night break stands for the beer/coffee kit. The imaginary urban life of Heisei period inspires us with the illustration and the aura of the whole visual. 

#packaging #illustration

● Bonsai Beer (2020)
A Collaboration with STUDIO YUAN

We selected 36 bonsais from spring, summer, autumn and winter and artistically intergrated them into the sceneries of four seasons; the font of the brand’s Chinese name is also designed by borrowing the form of the bonsai. Pictorial and literal information, after being embedded into geometrical shapes, are reasonably catagorized for people to read and digest, while deliver a sense of beauty in both function and form.

#packaging #illustration