● Various posters

● MANPRESSMAN 18-19 (2020)

The very first attempt of our self publishing project was called MANPRESSMAN, we selected a few dozens of past posters, while offer them a consistent pixelated filter to balance the difference of colours and texture. At last, we using common coloured papers to print them out, to see all posters presents themselves in a new and bold way. With prewords by 10000 (Shy People).


● Design360 Magazine (2020)
An Interview with MENSLIES

MENSLIES is a creative duo composed of BP and YKK, focusing on the intersection of graphic design, electronic music, and club culture. The creation project began in 2017. The two planned columns of different themes to share music and related visual creation on social media. Since 2018, they have created visual images for the newly-born underground dance club “Zhao Dai” in Beijing. #Press