● ZDOL 2024 (Ongoing)

● ZDOL 2023

After many hurdles in 2022, we finally await a true spirit of renewal in 2023. For us, this manifests in the return of our Zhao Dai seaside hiatus. We are therefore excited to announce that Zhao Dai on Leave will finally take place on May 12-14 on the golden coast of Aranya. Once again, we invite you to be part of this unique experience.

● ZDOL 2022

Canceled due to the pandemic.

● ZDOL 2021

This year’s ZDOL will be the second annual outdoor event for the brand. The four-day festival will take place on China's Golden Coast of Aranya in the city of Beidaihe, just two hours from Beijing, with the sea providing a natural backdrop and the sand a dance floor.

With the aim of providing an opportunity to bring together the music community from around China who represent the frontiers of the domestic electronic music scene.

● ZDOL 2020

The very first ZDOL.